Hi everybody! My name is Cynthia and I'll be working with Cathy and learning underneath her. =) Very very exciting. I just recently did my first photoshoot in her studio on Friday and I wanted to share some of those photos with all of you. 

Avery was very fun to shoot. What a personality that little one has! 

 We're doing a lot of new things in the studio. We've painted a wall and we are looking for new clients! If you know somebody or are somebody who needs photos done please do contact us. With three of us working together we can take on most challenges!! 

A little background on my photography. I started taking pictures back in 2004. I took classes in high school and did a little bit of an internship under Cathy. I decided that photography was really what I wanted to focus on and went to college for it. I graduated last May with a BA in Photography and Media Arts from Chester College of New England. I'd love to start my own business some day and am VERY thankful for Cathy allowing me to learn under her. I love portraiture. I love working in studio or on location. I like to take photos of people in the moment. That's when you get the BEST smiles =) 

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