Jordyne and Mike

Can I just tellyou, how much fun I am having this Fall!  Congratualtions Mike and Jordyne!  You are so perfect togethter. So Glad we got that Jumping Thing Down!   You have lots of fabulous pictures to choose from! See you soon.


Wow! DHS is really keeping me on my toes!  I am having so much fun photographing all your great smiles and attitudes!

Thank You so much Dover for making me look good!   Thanks to all my lovely assistants also!  I know you are all anxious to see your pictures.

You will get a call from me this week.....Thanks again for all the referrals and business!








Wow, Ryan you look quite initmidating. Those Eyes!  Ryan is a senior at St Thomas in Dover.  He came to the studio and then we went to his house for tons of great shots.  Ryan just got a scholarship for Baseball at one of his favorite colleges!  This kid is going places! Congratulations Ryan and Thanks  for all the great attitude!

Emily and Travis

Emily you look ravishing! You really know how to make a statement!  Emily and Travis are cousins, who I met through Their Moms..... who own "The Ark Daycare" in Tilton NH.  I have been photographing  The Ark since I started my business in 2003.  WOW 6years!  Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph and thank you for sharing the afternoon at the beach and then to my studio.  Travis is one of the nicest guys you"ll ever meet and he is cute!  A genuine gentleman! Good luck Emily and Travis in your senior year! 

Jess and Daniel

Wow these two are really in love! It is so exciting to see and feel the love between these two beautiful people. They wouldnt stop smiling and kissing! I had a hard time picking out my i just picked a few and put them in a poster!

I hope you all like!  Hopefully you can make it to Dover this week and see the rest! Yes I am the president of the overshooters anonymous club! You all have sooooo many pictures!  Thanks Amy for being such a great friend! You are a lucky mama!



Cathryn is an amazing violinist. She is a beautiful person and a friend of mine.  Cathryn is also a cancer survivor.  She is getting her life put back together.  Cancer takes a toll on you personally and professionally.  Before her illness Cathryn was teaching violin.  She asked me to help her get back on track. Of course I am all about helping out a sister!  We took these photos and many more! Cathryn is going to be using these for her advertising and perhaps a website to get her business started back again. The name of her business is THE DOVER VIOLIN & FIDDLE STUDIO   to reach Cathryn Norris call 603.749.9477 or email her at

Drop her a line to wish her luck or perhaps use her services!

Seniors 2010

Christina is the youngest of 4.  I have photographed them all! Sherry you are a lucky girl to have 4 beautiful children!  I thought you would like this photo, since we were talking about how the green would make her green eyes pop and do they ever!  We will get together this week to see all of Christina s gorgeous pics!


This is Britt!  I cant wait to show her all of her gorgeous pictures!